Own A Zone

Step 1: Know that you must own a zone

You will need to make sure you own at least 1 zone every time you work. When you arrive for your shift, communicate with your peers and own your zone. All zones and sub-zones must be covered each shift thus you will likely own multiple. You are also fine to exchange during a shift with someone or help out in another zone if it is getting backed up. A zone sheet will be at the register so ensure all blocks are filled and your name is on it every shift.

Step 2: Know the zones

We have 3 primary zones: 1) Bar 2) Cafe Tables 3) Patio (during patio season)

The Bar has 4 Sub Zones: 1) Front Bar 2) Drinks 3) Food 4) Register

All primary zones must have a STARS certified individual assigned at all times!

Step 3: Understand what it means to own a zone

Owning a zone means you are accountable for that area of the operation. An example is that if you own Cafe Tables you are to stay out from behind the bar waiting on tables, walking the tables, recognizing when customers need a drink refresh, cleaning up tables. You need to be outgoing in this role and communicating with all customers. There should never be a doubt who is taking care of the customers.

Step 4: Confirm your confidence