Plank Fitness Terms, Agreements & FAQs

Client Late Cancellation & No Show FAQ

Q: I pay good money for a membership, so I should be able to book as much as I want.

A: Agreed!  With your unlimited membership, you can attend as many classes as you would like.  There is currently no restriction on the amount of classes you can attend and many of our clients attend more than one class a day.  That’s awesome!  However. . . your unlimited membership shouldn’t give you the ability to restrict other clients from attending classes, from us recruiting new members, or from running a viable business. No Show or Late Cancel charges are standard practice at most studios and are generally well in excess of what we have instituted.

Q: This is a small town and a small studio, we shouldn’t have these types of restrictions.

A: Actually, since we are a small studio in a small town, these issues can hurt us even more than if we were a bigger studio or in a bigger town. It’s not uncommon for us to have 20% unused capacity (2 empty spaces and 2 on the waitlist) for a class of 10.  For a studio that can accommodate 40 people, 2 empty spaces has a much smaller negative impact. We also rarely have walk-ins that can fill the unused capacity like often may happen in a larger town.  A boutique studio the size of Plank must operate at a high occupancy rate to remain viable. 

Q: The class that I missed isn’t usually full, so it doesn’t impact anyone.

A: Late cancellations and no shows for small classes do negatively impact Plank, instructors, and clients. In many instances, enough have cancelled or don’t show up to a class so that there’s too few clients for a viable class.  A class with just one client isn’t enjoyable for the client or the instructor (and obviously makes no financial sense). Both the instructor and client(s) have reserved time, may have traveled to the studio, and may not have had another option for his/her workout that day.  Plank has also committed resources. 

Q: Emergencies arise.  I shouldn’t be penalized if something bad happens and I cannot attend.

A: We understand. We know that things happen. If you have a legitimate excuse, please just submit the easy online appeal. You will have 24 hours to do so and will have received an email and text message that the charge is pending (check to ensure that you have enabled text and email messages from us.) We intend to honor infrequent and reasonable appeals.

Q: The late cancellation timeframe is too long and I don’t always know that far in advance.

A: At less than the three hour mark (our current cancellation window), it’s not that likely that a waiting person is willing and able to come to class.  If you want to work out after work, you’ll likely want to know and prepare to bring your spin shoes.  You’ll certainly want to know before you go to bed for a 5:30 am class.  Most studios have a 24 hour cancellation policy as standard practice.  

Q: Isn’t there another option rather than fees? 

A: Unfortunately, it appears not.  This is not a problem unique to the industry and virtually all other studios with unlimited memberships have these fees.  We are simply trying to fix a system that’s been broken and continues to negatively impact Plank, our instructors, and all of our clients. We went to a donation based system with the hopes of fixing the problem, but the notifications and requests for donations didn’t help to improve the situation.  Donations were typically well less than 10% of what was due. We have had in excess of 1,400 (yes, that’s right . . . one thousand, four hundred) late cancellations and no shows for the year.  Approximately 85% of those instances were from Unlimited Members. Our prior practice of not executing fees was unfair to package holders and drop-in clients who have always lost their pass in the occurrence that they late cancelled or no showed.

Q: How much is the charge? 

A: For class pass holders, in the case of a No Show or a Late Cancel their pass is consumed as if they attended the class. For Unlimited Members, a $5 charge will be processed per Late Cancel occurrence and a $10 charge will be processed per No Show occurrence. These Unlimited Member charges are effective 1/1/2019 and are subject to change per the terms of your client agreement.

Don’t worry, we still love you!

Remember when your parents always told you . . .

“take all you want, but eat all you take”

same goes at Plank . . .

“book all you want, but show up for what you book”