Wine Tasting.  Sweet Treats.  Healthy Eats. . . do you need to read any further?

Friday, February 28th at 7pm (Georgetown, KY)


As much as I love wine and wish I were the knowledgable one, I'm not.  My descriptions would be something like, "I like this one. Drink it."  Luckily for me {and you}, I've found a lovely and brilliant wine expert who has chosen SIX affordable, delicious wines from around the globe for us to taste and enjoy! (*Please see Note Below)

Whatever you do, pour yourself into it
— Robert Mondavi


Did you know that some sweet treats can actually be good for you?  Would you like to get your chocolate fix without the guilt? There's ways to incorporate health-promoting foods that will actually taste delicious and satisfy your sweet tooth.  We’ll whip up some easy desserts and treats to satisfy everyone’s palate and dietary restriction (including sugar free, oil free, gluten free, dairy free, and egg free options!)

Healthy Eats

A light and wholesome dinner will be provided.  Make sure to save room for dessert!

What’s Included?

  • Cooking Class- How to make sweet, but healthy treats

  • Dinner and Drinks- Wholesome meal and beverages

  • Dessert- Taste a variety of Treats and Sweets

  • Recipes- What and how to make everything at home

  • Wine Tasting - Six Wines specifically chosen by our Wine Expert

  • A Fun Night Out!

Just $29

Class is now closed. 

* Please Note: The wine tasting is a personal gift provided for your enjoyment. We are simply providing it as we would for any guest.  You are responsible for ensuring your safe transportation afterwards.