Tip #2: Add it in to Weigh Less


Its RED wine. . .

Now don’t get carried away. Studies show that women who have {just ONE appropriately sized} glass of red wine daily have trimmer waists. There’s several theories on why this: digesting the alcohol my trigger your body to burn calories & the antioxidant found in grape skin may help to inhibit fat storage.

I’ve got my own theory. . . Doesn’t sipping a glass of wine set the tone for a relaxing, slower paced meal- fully enjoying the smells and tastes associated with all that you are eating (& drinking). If a glass of wine DOES put you in a state of mindful consumption, it might be okay for you to add in. If it doesn’t, it might not be worth it.

 Friendly reminder - because I need it too - the beneficial properties of red wine fade away after more than one glass.

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