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Here's an excerpt. . .

I struggled with my weight my entire life, adopting diets as insane as the Diet Mountain Dew and Twizzlers Diet (it’s low fat, low calorie, right?) to the more socially acceptable low-carb or low-fat restrictive diets.  I had a love/hate relationship with food for 30+ years alternating between overindulgence with total disregard for the type or quality of food to extreme food restriction and borderline addictive exercise. I had a few moments in time where the stars were aligned and my health-abusive behavior paid off with a body that I would actually put in a bikini, but those days were always short-lived.  Never once did I think that the end of dieting would be the beginning of living at my ideal weight.

I lived in Singapore for four years where several things happened to cause me to examine my food choices.  I observed the diets of other cultures and began to rethink the so-called healthy American diet trends.  Why were Asians so thin, yet their diets were often opposite of the most highly practiced American diets for weight loss? Most importantly, I finally started to look at food as a friend rather than an enemy, exploring the link between disease prevention and lifestyle choices and the link between our food and our immune systems.

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