I love to share my favorite things with you all.  I honestly believe that if you have some of the right tools for your time at the kitchen counter or at the dining table, it can be easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Check out the suggestions from 2011 and 2012 as well!

I do confess, however, that I am a fan of kitchen gadgets.  I certainly don't pull out a little chopper when one knife and 20 seconds does the trick, but a few things actually tend to spice things up in the kitchen.   

You can nab these items on Amazon Prime (links attached) and get them in two days.

Toss and Chop Salad Tongs

Want a salad, but don't feel like All. That. Chopping? Love when your salad is perfectly tossed with dressing sticking to every single piece?  These tongs are going to be your new favorites!  Seriously, I put in whole lettuce leaves, very roughly chopped peppers (cut in quarters, with stems removed), and all those other veggies with dressing and work my way to the most perfectly chopped and combined salad you could hope for.  If you get nothing else, get these!

EcoJarz- Mason Jar Lids

Who loves eating and drinking out of glass more than out of plastic?  I sure do.  Now, plastic is lighter and can be more convenient at times, but - even though you can get BPA free plastic - I'd much rather drink out of glass.  Water tastes better.  Juices look prettier.  Glass doesn't stain.  I've been digging all sorts of glass containers available nowadays.  These lids convert simple mason jars into attractive drinking containers.  Snag some stainless straws too while you are at it. 

BNTO - Small containers for Mason Jars

Again, I love being able to utilize glass jars for food and drink.  These are a great way to take a salad and keep your dressing separate, hummus and veggies, or even cereal with your non-dairy milk.

Citrus Reamer

I cannot believe that I only recently got one of these.  My cousin and I exchange kitchen gadgets with one another - continuously sharing our favorite things.  Squeezing one lemon or lime is no biggie, but if you want to squeeze more than a few, this baby comes in really handy. Plus it really extracts a lot of the juice.  I love this one because it catches the seeds. 

Vacu Vin Wine Saver

Every good cook deserves to enjoy a glass of wine if he wants while in the kitchen.  Only problem is what to do if you won't be sharing the bottle over dinner?  Enjoy one (or two) nice glasses and then save that wine from turning to vinegar by removing the air with this gadget.  Who am I kidding?  You already have one of these, I'm sure.

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