While you are out buying beverages and snacks for New Year’s Eve, make sure you have these things in the house to help minimize your risk of a hangover or simply to counteract the damage that even a bit of booze does to your body.  I’d like to share a few natural ways to fight those demons brought on by your favorite cocktails. 


*It goes without saying that you can avoid a hangover by not drinking too much (or not at all).  You can also stick to the clear beverages, don’t mix alcohol types, stay hydrated, and make sure to eat enough food.  

Asparagus-  A new study says that you should eat some asparagus before indulging.  Maybe you can make that one of the New Year’s Eve appetizers.  The study found that asparagus can minimize the pain of a hangover and help to detoxify the liver.  

Coconut Water- When we drink, we become dehydrated and lose electrolytes. Coconut water helps to replace those electrolytes.  It also does so without any of the sugar, artificial dyes, and other junk you find in sports drinks.  Use this in your fruity cocktail or save it for the morn for your smoothie.

Foods rich in B6- B vitamins are depleted when we drink.  You can take a B complex vitamin or make sure to ingest foods rich in B6, which is impacted the most while imbibing.  Chickpeas, bananas, sunflower seeds, and potatoes are all good sources.  Eat some hummus and veggies, grab a handful of sunflower seeds, or snack on a banana before bed.  I wish that I could say that french fries would be a good option, but by the time you slice, fry, and salt those taters, you lose too much of the B6 benefit for it to be worthwhile.  Bummer.

Extra Vitamin C- Vitamin C helps your liver to process alcohol, so use OJ or tomato juice as your mixer of choice, have a big glass before bed, or/and first thing in the morning.  No wonder I love those Bloody Marys so much. 

Wheatgrass- Do a shot that's actually good for you! A one ounce shot is equal to 2.5lbs of leafy greens. Alcohol has an acidic affect on your body. Wheatgrass (and other leafy greens) are alkalinizing, thus helping to neutralize that acidity.  It also aids in detoxification and provides oxygen to brain and liver cells that are damaged when you indulge. 

Also wise man once told me that you won’t get hungover if you dance, so when all else fails. . . shake it (and burn some calories too!)