Here are a few things that I have really enjoyed using in my plant-based kitchen this year.  Treat a friend!  Treat yourself!

Garlic Rocker (by Joseph Joseph*).  This will blow your mind. Really! I use garlic daily and I've tried every press or mincing technique possible. This one "rocks!" Please don’t use the pre-chopped stuff that’s kept in preservatives. When garlic, and other things in the allium family, like onions, are chopped, allicin, the disease-fighting compound, is released.  If you use the pre-chopped stuff, you might kill vampires with your breath, but you won't kill as much bacteria. Fresh is best!  Garlic is one of the G-BOMBS, from the onion family and you should be having some daily for optimum disease prevention and health promotion. (*Every little thing they make looks neat!  If only I were just starting to stock my kitchen. . .)

Non-stick cooking pan.  I am sure that you already know that you can cook with these and avoid using butter or oil, but have you tried it?  I've been using mine every single day since I've started to cook no oil dishes (Thanks to the wise words of Chef AJ!)  Carmelizing onions, no butter necessary.  Sauteeing mushrooms, nope, the liquid from the 'shrooms is enough to wet the pan.

Wooden tongs.  You need some good tongs to toss your salad, right?  You must already have a fabulous wooden salad bowl and you certainly don't want to scratch it all up, do you? They flip backwards and fold up tightly in the drawer.

Potato ricer.  Did you know that you shouldn’t mix your potatoes up with a mixer?  It makes them gluey. While you're at it, add in steamed cauliflower to your potatoes.  It gives you some more cruciferous veggies in your diet.  (My kids do not even notice.  In fact, my daughter says mine are the best evvvveeerrrr!)

Books!! Books! And More Books. You cannot go wrong with your first or 500th book on plant-based nutrition or plant-based cooking. Really. I've started to list some books that I like at the Broccoli Hugger store's "Recommended Products" section, but there are many, many more that I need to list.  Essentially, you cannot go wrong with any books by Dr. Fuhrman, Dr. Barnard, Dr. Esselystn, Dr. Campbell, Rip Esselystn, Kris Carr, Juileanna Hever, or Kathy Freston.  Some good cookbook authors are Chef AJ, Lindsay Nixon, and Dreena Burton.  Many of the authors that discuss the benefits of a plant-based diet also offer recipes in their books to get you started.