Hello there!  I'm Wendy White. I consider myself a “Broccoli Hugger” because I embrace eating plants for my health, our earth, and all animals.  Are you are a Broccoli Hugger too (for any or all of those reasons)? 

I am also a mom of two amazing little girls that change what they like to eat on a daily basis, wife of a pretty smart dude that can guess any crazy health statistic I challenge him with, only child of a single mom that lost her short term memory before she turned 70 due to stroke and Alzheimer's, and friend to some of literally the best people on this very planet. 

My transition to a whole food vegan diet started initially for health reasons.  I didn't want to suffer the same fate as my mother (who also suffers from type 2 Diabetes in addition to her dementia).  I also figured out that I was allergic to dairy products and that my daughter's dairy allergies were pretty much the source of her constant health conditions for the first three years of her life. (Essentially she was never fully healthy).  

I started to embrace a plant-based diet while on assignment in Singapore.  Exposure to a multitude of other cuisines and a prevalence of meat and dairy free meals helped a great deal.  It also made me wonder how such a large portion of the world could be lean and healthy without eating a so-called healthy American diet (low fat, sugar free, lean animal protein). 

I left my senior management position at a Fortune 500 company after a decade to help others to improve their health by shifting to a more plant-based diet.  I am happy to help you in any way that I can! Please join me by reading my blog, spreading the word about a plant-based diet, providing comments, asking questions, and contacting me directly if I can personally assist you.  

Thanks a bunch-full of broccoli for being here!